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Lean Unpacked

Lean Unpacked is a six-part online course on Lean in Construction. By taking this course you will gain a thorough understanding of Lean as it applies to construction and also discover practical applications that you can use immediately to make improvements on your projects.

  1. Getting Started with Lean – In this unit you will learn the history of Lean, discover how Lean is applicable to construction and uncover how to start looking at your project through a Lean lens.
  2. Seeing & Eliminating Waste – Here you will discover the eight primary wastes in construction and learn methods for eliminating them on your job site.
  3. Taking Lean to the Job Site – In unit three you will examine critical Lean processes that will put you on a path to successful Lean implementation.
  4. Creating a System That Works – This unit will help you see how working in smaller batches and re-thinking the flow of your tasks can improve productivity on your projects.
  5. Making Lean Productive – Here you will gain insights on how to secure reliable promises and realistic commitments from all team members, including trade partners.
  6. The Last Planner ® System – In this unit you will learn how to implement this favored system for team planning and scheduling.

Why Invest in Lean Unpacked?

  • Gain skills and strategies to accelerate and drive change in your organization.
  • Learn at your own pace, on your own turf with self-paced video lectures.
  • Collaborate and innovate with peers through team projects, class discussions, and ongoing feedback.
  • Apply new learnings to real-world business challenges.
  • Receive ongoing peer and faculty coaching and feedback.
  • Build a strong network of other highly-qualified peers.
  • Showcase your success and demonstrate your skills and leadership with a Certificate of Completion.

Who Should Take Lean Unpacked?

Lean Unpacked can be used to educate field engineers, superintendents, project managers, trade partners, and others interested in how to apply lean in construction. It can help an individual just starting out with Lean or one who needs to catch up with the rest of a team. It can also be a great way for teams to understand how to apply Lean principles in a cooperative environment and can be used directly on a job site.

What to Expect from Lean Unpacked

You can take the Lean Unpacked course anytime it’s convenient. We recommend that you go through each of the six units in order … and that you take a bit of time in between units to apply what you have learned.

Each unit includes a variety of materials that will guide you through the process of learning to be Lean.

  • An educational video explaining the concept.
  • Real-world exercise(s) that you can apply to your project immediately.
  • A quiz to test your comprehension of the materials.
  • Resources/recommended readings to help you more thoroughly understand Lean.
  • Certificate of Completion.

How to Make the Most of the Course

The online course can be supplemented with group or individual coaching from one of our experienced lean consultants. Coaching provides a number of benefits:

  • Shorten your learning curve with feedback from experienced lean practitioners.
  • Gain the ability to collaborate with other highly-qualified peers.
  • Brainstorm ideas for solving issues on your own job site.
  • Be accountable to someone other than yourself so that you can make progress faster.

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