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Steps for an Effective Onboarding Pro...

Steps for an Effective Onboarding Process

“How teams work matters more than who is on them. There’s a myth we all carry inside our heads, we think we need superstars. Our research showed you can take a team of average performers and if you teach them to interact the right way they’ll do things no superstar could ever accomplish.” Laszlo Boch, […]

Building The “A”Team: Cre...

Building The “A”Team: Creating a Personal Connection with Onboarding

Optimize flow is a focus of Lean project delivery and thus improves production. However, production will not be improved if project leadership does nothing to evaluate and build the team’s emotional intelligence (EI). Click Here to Read: Building-the-A-Team-Creating-a-Personal-Connection-with-Onboard

Lean Unpacked © –

Lean Unpacked © –

YOU ASKED: What do we need to learn and how can we get it done as fast as possible? SWORD Lean Unpacked © eLearning is a short course consisting of six fundamental units to start or continue your companies Lean Journey. Our Unpacked approach in intended to be participated in by a small group of peers on a project […]

Sword Integrated Building Solutions

Sword Integrated Building Solutions

Creating Lean Value for Our Customers and Yours The U.S. design and construction industry is going through a shift in how projects are delivered. Owners are seeing a benefit to how alternative delivery approaches improve project schedules, budgets, and overall quality and value. A core feature shared by hybrid delivery systems such as Lean, Integrated […]

ioT – Improving Quality and Pro...

I recently wrote about Wearables in the Construction industry as an accessory using mobile devices to improve productivity. Another category of technology also aimed at improving productivity and perhaps more importantly quality are the ioT controlled equipment and tools. Not unlike wearables, the technology to make this possible has been brewing for the past few […]

Can Wearables Improve Productivity in...

Is your firm considering how you can offer your customers more value this year?Anyone managing projects wants to add value and to motivate your project teams to be more productive in the coming year. A few surveys confirm that individuals also want to be more productive in the coming year and that they believe mobile […]